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Disciples Mission Fund

The Michigan Disciples Mission Fund supports the ministry of the General Disciples Church, Higher Education Institutions of the Disciples Church, and the Christian Church Michigan Region. Your gift to the Michigan Disciples Mission Fund is divided so that all parts of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) are supported by your gift. Disciples Missionaries serving far from home are supported as well as the summer camp and conference ministry at Crystal Conference Center. Your gifts are important.

Use the links below to

  • Learn how your church supports Disciples in Michigan and around the world
  • The link for your treasurer to fill out and submit your gifts to the Mission Fund
  • Resources for Special Day Offerings to use in your church

Disciples Mission Fund (DMF)

How you support ministry in Michigan and around the world

Mission Funds Remittance Forms

Forms for your church to submit your DMF offerings

Special Day Offerings Resources

Easter, Pentecost, Thanksgiving and Christmas Offerings

Week of Compassion

Week of Compassion Relief Fund

Reconciliation Ministries

Reconciliation Special Mission Fund