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Success Stories From Congregations

Stepping out on Faith! Our VBS story

Shared on July 20, 2014

Stepping out on Faith! Our VBS story

It was a far reach thought... Can we bring five DOC churches together for one Vacation Bible School?  It has been over 12 years since Unity has had a VBS, and for many of our sister churches, it had been years also. 

A vision of possiblity was created and a plan was laid to invite Triumphant Temple of Praise, True Foundation, Vermont, and New Covenant Christian Churches together with Unity Christian for a combined event. 

Months of planning, and preparation took place, and with Unity taking the lead, the Vision for a VBS was launched!  Because we had no reference on what type of attendance to expect, Jennifer Snipes, VBS Director, decided that we would shoot for the stars and plan on 65 people at VBS.  Prayers were prayed, meetings were scheduled, flyers were posted, and the churches worked together, and on July 14, the first night of VBS we had 71 attendees!  God had a plan, and we had the faith to just trust in God's grace. 

By the end of VBS we had over 104 people attending and volunteering at VBS.  Our closing program on Saturday, showcased each class from Pre-k thru Adult, and featured our teen class, the Sea Sheels, performing with "Feathers, the Booki Booki Bird", a puppet ministry for VBS.  After all the classes sang, recited memory verses, and even shared skits, we celebrated together by having a family picnic.  Hot dogs, and side salads, cupcakes and cookies, juice and lemonade, laughter and smiles filled the church social hall, and even overflowed outside to tables under a canopy.  Music, scripture, acting, all the things that VBS offered, provided an opportunity for God's hand, God's love, God's grace, and God's miracles to be shared with congregations that have never gathered for such an event. 

Unity Christian is a small congregation, and hoping to grow our ministries. The vacation bible school has just begun to open the doors to our churches celebrating and socializing together, all in the name of God the Father.  His blessing was felt by all who attended and many are ready to make plans for next year.

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