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Coral - Cowden Lake Christian Church
4510 Gravel Ridge Rd., P.O. Box 146
Coral, MI 49322
(231) 354-6323 or (616) 560-6131

Located at the corner of Gravel Ridge and Coral Roads, Cowden Lake Christian is an active multi-age congregation...
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Search and Call

Search and Call is the process used by congregations to call new pastoral leadership. Pastors who are interested in exploring new possibilities for ministry complete an online profile. This standard profile is used to allow congregations to compare the same types of information on each ministerial candidate. Each profile must include four references, one of which must be from a regional staff person in the region where the candidate holds standing.

All ministers entering Search and Call are required to complete a background check before their profiles can be circulated. The minister cannot circulate his or her profile until the regional reference is completed.

In addition, Michigan expects all of its ministers to participate in a Boundaries Training workshop every five years. We also require Disciples History and Polity as well as Anti-Racism training in the first few years of gaining standing in the region. 

Once a profile is completed the minister’s profile is distributed to all of the Disciples regional ministers where the minister has indicated an interest to serve. The regional ministers receive the profiles of ministers entering the system once each week.

A Michigan Region (CCMR) staff member meets with each Search committee of a congregation seeking new pastoral leadership. The CCMR staff member does an orientation to the process and establishes the means by which profiles are provided to the search committee on a regular basis until a call is made.

To initiate a ministerial search process in your congregation contact Regional Minister Eugene W James, Jr. Or call 517-372-3220.