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September eNews Print edition

Posted on September 07, 2019

The September issue of Michigan Disciples eNEWS has been published and is available for download. Included is the journey of First Christian Church as it struggled with the embezzlement of funds and ultimate decision to end its ministry December 31. Also Doug Morgan, chair of the Crystal Property Task Force gives an update on the sale of a 40 acre parcel of land and pending sale of a 5

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Battle Creek to End Ministry

Posted on September 06, 2019

 First Christian Battle Creek to End Ministry Embezzlement takes toll on congregation First was the discovery early in the year that the former treasurer had embezzled all but $3,400 of its funds. Then the realization that her mother, a long time elder and church leader who had not been seen for months, had died several months earlier and been buried by the daughter in the yard beside her house.

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Crystal Property Sale

Posted on September 06, 2019

40 Acre Crystal Property Sold Smaller 5 acre sale set to close soon A forty-acre parcel of Crystal Conference Center property, that has been on the market for more than a year, has been purchased by a neighboring property owner. “I am pleased to inform you that the 40-acre parcel (section B in photo) has been sold for our approved negotiated price of $275,000,” reported Doug Morgan, Chairperson of

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Crystal Lodging Available May 3-4 for Regional Assembly

Posted on April 16, 2019

BREAKING NEWS: Crystal Conference Center will be available for lodging May 3 and May 4 for Michigan Disciples Regional Assembly! Yes, thanks to our new Crystal managers, UCCR, and the efforts of Site Director Eric Strommer and COO Kent Shelby, you have the option to stay at Crystal for two nights during the Regional Assembly at nearby Blaine Christian Church. There won’t be any meal service and you’ll have

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Register Now for Michigan Disciples Regional Assembly

Posted on April 03, 2019

Dr. Ron Allen, dynamic preacher, author and internationally recognized leader of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), will be the keynote preacher at the Michigan Disciples Regional Assembly on May 4 at the Blaine Christian Church, Arcadia, Michigan. "Harmony in the Body of Christ" (1 Cor. 1:10) is the theme of the one day Assembly that begins at 9:00 am with opening worship at 10:00 am. Online Registration is

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